True Visions Analytics, LLC is a company founded by
real estate investors with a background in financial
analysis and accounting.  Because  we are out in the
market daily, looking at and purchasing properties,
we know how important it is to have the tools that
allow you to save time and costly errors in gathering
and analyzing all relevant information about your
potential investments.

After years of using the back of our hand, scraps of
paper, or at best primitive spreadsheets to perform
the analysis prior to purchasing properties, we
decided to come up with a comprehensive analytical
tool that can also help produce reports for our
potential investors/partners.  Now we offer to share
this tool with you and the rest of the real estate
investing community.

We are commited to making your investment
selection and analysis as easy as possible.  Our
support staff will be available on a timely basis to
answer any technical questions about using the
software or conceptual questions about evaluating
your investments.  If you have any questions about
our company or our products, please don't hesitate
to contact us.
"Your software makes
analyzing my real estate
buys much easier for me.  I
buy 2-4 family properties,
and certain features, such
as being able to vary
projected vacancy rates
from year to year, and
sticking in additional
capital improvements in
various years, are
especially helpful to me.  
Keep up the good work!"

Steve Thomas Phoenix, AZ.
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