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If you have a website that relates to real estate investing, offer
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Rehab Valuator (Lite and Premium):  For wholesalers or investors in
residential real estate.  Geared for short-term analysis (under 2 years).

2) Rental Valuator (Lite and Premium):  For buy-and-hold analysis (over
2 years) of rental property, primarily multi-fam.  Great for commercial
investors and brokers.

Making $ with Our Software:

All you do is give your unique affiliate link to your list/contacts/friends and
send them to one of our 2 websites.  We take it from there and do all the
work for you!  They initally get a free piece of software, for which they'll
thank you, and then they can upgrade to Premium versions of our software.
 You get paid 50%!!

If you refer other affiliates to us, you get 10% on their sales also!

Promoting  Rental Valuator Lite software to your lists and website
visitors is not only a great way to generate extra income, but also a
way for you to
provide great value to your audience - by giving out
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Advertising and promoting Rental Valuator is simple! We provide
you with customized banners (with your unique affiliate link
embedded in) that you can place on your website, as well as email
scripts which you can send out to your lists.  Once the customer is
directed to our website via your affiliate link, we take it from there!
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