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Property Comparison Tool
  • Quickly compare up to 5 properties to each other
  • Rank them based on Cash flow, Cap Rate, Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR), Cash
    on Cash Return, and other relevant financial measures.
  • Financing input for up to 2 mortgages
  • Quickly determine which property represents the best investment

For Detailed Property Analysis:
  • Input for unlimited number of units (up to 12 different unit types)
  • Analysis for Owner Financing, 1, or 2 Mortgages - with corresponding amortization
  • Financing analysis gives you the option to roll up points into the mortgage
  • Various mortgage options such as 30yr, 15yr, or Interest-Only
  • Detailed Operating Expenses inputs

Cash Flow Projections

  • Ability to forecast separate rent growth rates for different unit types
  • Ability to forecast separate growth rates for each operating expense
  • Ability to forecast different vacancy rates for each year of the holding period - rather
    than one rate assumed for the entire holding period.  This gives user maximum
  • Ability to enter Capital Improvement expenditures in any of the first 12-years, along
    with their  impact on the Fair Market Value of the Property (you get to select the FMV
    multiplier).  Rental Valuator automatically calculates their contribution to the
    depreciation, and the impact of the expenditure on various measures of return.  
  • Ability to project Resale Price based on either "Terminal Cap Rate" or a user-
    specified appreciation rate.
  • Selection from Residential or Commercial depreciation conventions.
  • Treatment of passive losses for Passive Participants, Active Participants and Real
    Estate Investors.

Other Analysis Features:

  • Static Sensitivity Analysis - Great tool for quickly calculating the right price to pay for a
    given property based on your investment criteria
  • vary purchase price, rent roll, mortgage rate (great tool for calculating the
    correct price to pay given your static investment parameters).
  • DCF Sensitivity Analysis - Allows you to carefully evaluate the long term risks for your
    properties from decreases in rent growth, and other factors
  • vary holding period, discount rate, and rent growth (great tool for calculating
    the correct price to pay given your long term projections and investment
  • Point/Interest Rate Break-Even Analysis Tool - Allows you to evaluate the optimal
    discount point/interest rate combo given your expected holding period.
  • Refinancing Analysis - A dynamic tool for gauging your ability to refinance your
    property and pull out your original cash investment in the future based on various refi
    loan scenarios and property appreciation forecasts.  
Calculation of:
  • Cap Rate
  • Gross Rent Multiplier
  • Break-Even Ratio
  • Debt Coverage Ration (DCR)
  • Debt Yield
  • Loan to Value (LTV)
  • Payback Period
  • Pre-Tax Cash on Cash Return
  • After-Tax Cash on Cash Return
  • Return on Equity (ROE)
  • Debt-to-Equity and
  • Cumulative Cash on Cash
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

Discount Cashflow Valuation Metrics
  • Property Present Value (PV)
  • Property Net Present Value
  • Investment Present Value
  • Investment NPV
  • Leveraged Investment Internal
    Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Leveraged Investment
    Modified Internal Rate of
    Return (MIRR)
Rental Valuator is one of the most dynamic, flexible analysis tools on the market, offering easy to use tools for
Cash Flow Forecasting and Deal Analysis.  We offer full flexibility in holding periods, forecasting growth rates, forecasting appreciation
rates, vacancy rates and capital expenditures.  Additionally, we offer you the ability to accurately predict your future tax liability/benefits
based on how your investing activities are classified by the IRS.  With Rental Valuator, you'll have the ability to be on top of every detail
of your investment.