Additions, Changes to Rental Valuator
Real Estate Investment Analysis Software
8.1.10 - present:  many more changes have been made to the
software.  We will update this page at a later date

Added a new version with 40-Year holding period max in        
Added ability to disable financing for all-cash transaction analysis.
Added ability to override initial market value.  This is useful in situations
where you purchase something at a discount and are not necessarily
adding value through renovation.
Fixed a number of bugs reported by customers.

12.7.09 Holding period is now reduced to 12 years maximum.  This was
needed for a number of reasons:  1) Analysis beyond 10-12 years
becomes fairly meaningless - it's very hard to predict what will happen
so far down the road; 2) this has allowed us to improve the way the
reports are formatted, thus creating producing a much more eye-
catching presentation.  

10.5.09  Added Debt Yield Calculations, as well as Physical and
Economic Occupancy calculations.  Also, we added an ability to specify
Initial Capital Reserves deposit at closing, as well as the ability to
contribute to Reserves on a monthly basis.  

Also, 3 critical overrides have been installed:  
1) Users can now specify whatever projected rental schedule they want
for each unit type for every year in the holding period.  This gives users
the most possible flexibility in projecting rent roll.
2) A Vacancy Rate override has been installed.  A different vacancy
rate for each year can now be specified.
3) A Concessions Rate override has been added as well.  

8.15.09 Added "Lender Summary" to the reports that can be generated
with Rental Valuator. This is a concise, one-page summary that can be
lender that your property is a good investment.  The report includes
income projections, DCR and LTV projections, and other relevant data
about your property.  

5.5.09  While Rental Valuator is primarily geared towards Buy/Hold
Investors, a large % of our clients engage in rehab projects, after which
they either flip the property or refinance and hold it.  For those clients,
we've added a Rehab/Flip Calculator.  It allows users to enter their
purchase price, rehab costs/timeframe and financing assumptions
along with the expected ARV (After-Repair Value) and immediately
calculate the profit from flipping or the projected cashflow and return
from refinancing and holding the property.

2.20.09        Added an Income Statement to the list of reports
generated by Rental Valuator.
Consolidated all the reports into a simple
"Generate Reports" function.  Users now have the ability to generate
reports on demand, just by clicking 1 button.

1.21.09        New change to the Resale Value Calculation:  Users can
now calculate ongoing Market Value and Resale Value using a
user-specified Cap Rate, instead of being limited to assuming that
the property will be resold at the "buy-in" Cap Rate.  This is very
useful for those real estate investors that buy properties at large
discounts and plan on rehabbing and/or filling them with tenants
before selling.  (For example, you buy a vacant quad and project
that you will sell it at a 10% Cap Rate once you renovate and
stabilize the property).

See quick demo of this in action here:

1.7.08         Added Video Tutorials guiding the user through the
Property Comparison Tool, Inputs Screen and the Analysis
Analysis Interface.  Other tutorials to be added soon.

  •        Added the new "Analysis Interface" as the primary screen
    for user analysis.  The "Analysis Interface" puts all of the most
    relevant inputs and outputs for real estate analysis on one
    screen, along with the relevant graphs.  
  •        Centralized the Sensitivity Analysis and added it to the
    "Analysis Interface".  Sensitivity Analysis is an extremely powerful
    tool when it comes to analyzing real estate investments, and our
    software allows you to do it with just 1 click of a mouse.  Users
    can now quickly see the impact of Purchase Price, Holding
    Period, Rent Growth Rate, and Operating Expense Growth Rate,
    among others, on the performance of a given property.

  •        Added "Fair Market Value Multiplier" to the initial capital
    improvement inputs.  This allows you to adjust the market value
    of the property if your initial rehab adds more to the value of the
    property than the $ expenditures on the actual rehab.  
           Typically, for every dollar spent on a rehab project, an
    investor adds more than $1 to the market value of the property,
    otherwise there would be no incentive to do the project in the first
    place.  Our software now allows you to specify how much market
    value your capital expenditures will add.  This feature already
    existed in the Discount Cashflow Analysis part of the model,
    which allows you to forecast Capital Improvements and the
    corresponding FMV Multiplier for any of the first 30 years of the
    property's holding period.

  • Financing analysis can now allow for fixed rate mortgages of any
    term (0-60 years).  The only options available before were 15-
    year or 30-year amortization assumptions.

Added Property Comparison Tool.  This is a dynamic tool that allows
you to compare up to 5 investment properties at the same time, and
rank them based on 8 different criteria, including:  Cash Flow, Cap
Rate, Gross Rent Multiplier, $/Sq Foot, Payback Period, Debt Coverage
Ratio (DCR), and Break-Even Ratio.  
This product was added to the Rental Valuator software, and is also
available as a stand-alone tool for only $14.95 here.