"I've been using Rental Valuator for the last 3 months and am very happy
breeze.  What works well for me is being able to plug print or send reports to
my partners to get their thoughts.  It only takes a few minutes.  Regards."

Phillip Harris.  Las Vegas, NV.

"I'd used a few similar programs in the past, all of which provided very limited
analysis capabilities.  When a friend turned me on to Rental Valuator, I was
naturally skeptical. After purchasing it, I found that it was not only easier to
use than the previous programs, but also provided analysis broader both in
scope and depth. I've since shared it with the brokers in my office, and even
landlords I've worked with. "

Ilya Melnikov.  New York, NY

"Hi there. I downloaded your software a week ago.  So far so good!  I
generally don't like complicated sofware packages, but Rental Valuator is
very good about clearly identifying inputs and outputs.
The multitude of graphs and reports is very cool too!"

Dan Brooking.  Charleston, SC

"I was initially worried, as an excel novice, that Rental Valuator would be
cumbersome and difficult to use, however after a phone walkthrough with
one of your reps, I felt very comfortable with the various features. I had not
been using any such software before, and one tremendous help, besides the
time it saves me, is that it is immune to human error. The program combines
a surprising amount of function with simplicity."

Charles Lawson.  Richmond, VA

"Your software makes analyzing my real estate buys much easier for me.  I
buy 2-4 family properties, and certain features, such as being able to vary
projected vacancy rates from year to year, and sticking in additional capital
improvements in various years, are especially helpful to me.  Keep up the
good work!"

Steve Thomas.  Phoenix, AZ.